The Swim Pro Policies

Updated Face-Covering Policy And More

Air Quality Cancellation Protocol

Sunscreen Policy & Shower Before Entering Pool

Campbell Outdoor Pool — We ask that if you use sunscreen, please apply it at home so that it has had time to soak in before getting in the water. This keeps the swimmer protected, the water clean and the pool equipment happy 🙂 Please shower before entering the pool.
Santa Clara Indoor Pool — We kindly ask that all students shower well before entering the pool to help preserve the chlorine and keep swimming healthy for everyone in the pool.


Weather Policy

Outdoor lessons at the Campbell Pool will continue in rainy weather, but will be canceled if lightning is expected for safety reasons at no charge to the student. If thunder and/or lightning occurs during the lesson, our policy is to get everyone out of the water for 30 minutes from the last sighting or sound. If applicable, the lesson will resume once the weather has cleared. Use the poolside changing room to store belongings and bring plastic bags for keeping towels dry poolside. Swimming in the rain is fun, but if you are uncomfortable please use our cancellation policy below.


Purchase Policy

When purchasing lessons with The Swim Pro you agree to the policies outlined below.
I agree that all persons taking lessons with The Swim Pro have been registered with The Swim Pro through the creation of a personal profile on our scheduling system, Wellness Living. Each student taking lessons with The Swim Pro must have their own profile.
If I am a Parent, I understand that Parents of students taking lessons need not create a profile and agree that I must create a unique profile for each child taking lessons.
**As the purchaser of lessons from The Swim Pro, I agree to the above Purchase Policy and to the terms and conditions applicable to each lesson purchased as outlined in the Terms & Conditions and understand and agree to the Cancellation and Refund policies as stated.


Refund Policy

Lessons purchased with The Swim Pro expire one year after the purchase date. Any unused/unscheduled lessons must be scheduled before the expiration date listed under My Profile/Purchases. Should you decide you will not be scheduling any unused lessons and you would like a refund, please make a request in writing within 90 days of the purchase date. Refunds will not be available after 90 days. Please contact to request the refund. The Swim Pro places high value on serving you and are one of the few swim schools that offer full refunds.
**Please note: We are unable to refund partially used packages. Refunds are subject to a 6% processing fee to be assessed at the time of refund.


Rescheduling Policy

  • The Swim Pro offers unlimited scheduling/rescheduling/canceling with more than 24 hours notice.
  • Scheduling with less than 12 hours notice is unavailable.
  • Late Cancelations (made with 24 hours notice or less) will be charged full price.
  • No shows are charged full price.
**Please note: There are no make up lessons for Late Cancels or No Shows. If you Late Cancel your lesson or do not show up, you will automatically lose that lesson – no exceptions.**


Cancellation Policy

The Swim Pro incurs pool rental costs and instructor fees for each lesson booked. Please, as a courtesy, give us 48 hours notice by clicking the cancellation button on your appointment reminder to enable us to fill your slot. A cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will be forfeited and can’t be refunded. However, if we are able to fill your slot after you late cancel we will credit the lesson back to your account.


Terms and Conditions

Private Lessons are intended for 1 student and 1 instructor only.
Toddler Pre-Swim Lessons are intended for students under age 3 and are only valid for Private Lessons.
Semi-Private Lessons
  • Are intended for 2 students being instructed at the same time by 1 instructor.
  • May not be split into two 30 minute private lessons.
  • Must be booked by 2 people, each with their own profile.
  • Students must bring their own partner; The Swim Pro will not be able to find a partner for you.
  • If your partner does not show up or you failed to bring your own partner, The Swim Pro reserves the right to charge you for a private lesson at the rates that apply.


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