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How to Schedule Lessons

Lessons are student scheduled in our live online scheduling system called Wellness Living. All you need to do to get started is:

  • Create each student’s profile
  • Browse, schedule, and book lessons
  • Receive email confirmation of schedule and purchase

Below is a step by step tutorial:

1. Create a Profile

Log In to Schedule Lessons

Profile/Log in Screen

  • Please visit our website and click on the “Schedule Now” tab.
  • Under “New to our site?” fill in the SWIMMER’S first and last name.  Follow the prompts to create the profile.  Your email will be your user name.
  • The name for the profile needs to belong to whoever is receiving the lessons even if it is your child(ren).
  • The password must contain a number as well as letters.
  • If you have multiple swimmers and therefore multiple profiles, you may use the same email as the user name for ALL of the profiles.  However, each one MUST have a UNIQUE password.
  • You’re ready to schedule lessons!

2. Find and Book Lessons

  • Go to The Swim Pro Live Scheduler by clicking on the “Schedule Now” tab on our website.  Login to the student’s account.
  • Select either the Santa Clara Pool or Campbell Pool tab.
  • Select the type of lesson you are looking for. You may then choose options that narrow down your appointment search.  By keeping your search broad you can see all open appointments with all instructors.
  • Book the appointments you desire.  You will then be lead through the payment process.  We recommend booking at least a month’s worth of lessons at a time.
  • Once you book a lesson and have receive an emailed confirmation, you are responsible for that appointment and can alter it on your own. 
  • The Swim Pro Purchase Policy

How to Share a Lesson

It is encouraging and economical to learn to swim with a partner.  Be sure to choose a partner at a similar skill level as you for the best results.  It works best if you and your partner decide what days and times of day might work for you.  We recommend scheduling all 8 classes at one time to ensure you find a slot that matches your availability.

Need help with this?  Contact Us!

Semi-Private Lesson Policy

  • The Swim Pro does not pair up students for Semi-private lessons
  • Students must find the second person to be the other half of the lesson.
  • Students are responsible for coordinating their schedules to book a shared time slot and each student needs to book their own lesson under their own name.  Parents with 2 swimmers: Book the semi-private lesson from one child’s profile then log in to your second child’s profile to book the same lesson. This allows both children to share that lesson.
  • If only one student signs up on the schedule for a semi-private and only one person shows up, we will have to charge the lesson as a private lesson instead of a semi-private lesson.

How to Change My Lesson

The Swim Pro offers unlimited scheduling/rescheduling/canceling with more than 24 hours notice.  If you would like to reschedule a scheduled lesson just log in and early cancel that appointment.  A credit will be waiting for you that can be used to book a different lesson, a lesson with a different instructor or a different time slot.

Rescheduling/Cancelation Policy

  • Scheduling with less than 24 hours notice is unavailable.
  • Late Cancelations (made with 24 hours notice or less) will be charged full price
  • No shows are charged full price
**Please note: There are no make up lessons for Late Cancels or No Shows. If you Late Cancel your lesson or do not show up, you will automatically lose that lesson – no exceptions.**

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