Air Quality Cancellation Protocol

The Swim Pro has implemented our own Air Quality Cancellation Protocol to help you know when we will early cancel your lesson due to poor air quality near our pools. The data in which we will use to implement our protocol comes from the website as it displays a more accurate and current air quality reading for the Bay Area. 

The primary colors you should be aware of when the air quality starts to become hazardous are:

Orange (Unhealthy for sensitive groups) – With an air quality index between 101-150
Red (Unhealthy) – With an air quality index between 151-200

Please check and add our zip code “95008″ Campbell (95050 for Santa Clara) as well as set the ‘conversion’ to “AQandU” to get a more current reading for our location. The AQandU conversion is what the EPA uses.

AQandU Purple Air

Orange Protocol
It’s OK for the general population to be active outside, especially for SHORT ACTIVITIES such as swim lessons between 101-149.

Red Protocol
All lessons will be early cancelled if the air quality reaches 150 approximately 1 hour before your lesson time. This lesson credit will be kept in your account for future booking.

Personal Choice

We understand that every person has a different tolerance of air quality. We encourage you to begin using Purple Air with the AQandU conversion and get to know how the numbers affect you personally. Remember we have a flexible cancellation policy for your convenience. If you do not feel comfortable coming to your lesson please log in and cancel it yourself and with 24 hours+ notice you will NOT be penalized.

If you cancelled your lesson and the air quality improves just let us know and we will try to get you back on the schedule.

Thank you for your understanding.

For more resources on air quality index please see the links below:

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