It is never too late to learn to swim, conquer water related fears or become a competitive swimmer. The Swim Pro uses a proven Adult Teaching Method created by Kelly McPhail, Founder of The Swim Pro. This unique Adult Teaching Method will train you to swim smart and effortless even when other programs have failed.

How The Swim Pro is Different

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Learn to Swim!

The Swim Pro specializes in teaching Adults in a safe, patient environment designed to make learning to swim easier than expected and even enjoyable.  Our Professional Instructors bring a relaxed, positive and encouraging attitude to your classes thus setting you up for nothing less than success.  With our proven Adult Teaching Method learning to swim happens one easy step at a time.  At the end of your session you will swim freestyle with grace and ease even in deep water. Everyone who commits to a session learns to swim!

  • 8 lessons are recommended

Fear of the water?

Water related fears are very common and our Instructors have specialized training to help you not only understand and conquer your fears but to learn to swim confidently in deep water.  The Swim Pro has a proven method created by Kelly McPhail, Founder of The Swim Pro.  We use Cognitive-Behavioral Modification Techniques to help you overcome your fear of water and build the confidence needed to finally learn to swim.  Our teaching methods are “success-based” designed to make learning to swim happen one easy step at a time creating confidence in the water as you learn each new skill.  By session end you will be fearlessly swimming in deep water and have a well-practiced deep water plan you can take with you anywhere you desire to swim! 

  • 12 lessons are recommended

Technique trouble?

For many years The Swim Pro has been the swimming technique expert in local fitness centers and continues to help Triathlete’s transform their swim race. Whether your swimming needs a technique overhaul, a quick tune up, or you want to learn a new stroke, our expertise is available to you! The Swim Pro will refine your technique and train you to stop fighting the water as you swim.  You’ll learn the secrets to effortless swimming and become the swimmer you’ve always wanted to be.  Need workouts to keep you motivated and moving forward?  We will create custom workouts on request.  Training for a Triathlon?  Let us help you conserve energy and increase speed. Your swimming transformation awaits!

  • 4-8 lessons are recommended


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